Grade 4 – Local Banjar Visit- Ogoh- Ogoh Making

Dear all parents and families,

With the spirit of Balinese New Year Celebration, Nyepi and the Annual Green School Ogoh- Ogoh parade that are coming up in a few weeks, we had been so busy preparing which at the same time also learning about how diverse the world’s culture is. The students had been putting all the ideas down to the paper about how they want the Ogoh- Ogoh look like and brainstorming of how we will do the parade, thinking about the chanting, the story that goes with the Ogoh-Ogoh and also the clothes that we are going to wear to show our unity as one big community.

To have some break in between these busy days, we decided to go out to the local Banjar in Sangeh, where the local school we always visit for Bahasa Indonesia program is located. We go there to share some knowledge about what Nyepi is, How the Balinese people celebrate it, what does that mean to them and also we attempt to “steal” their ways/ideas in building their awesome Ogoh-Ogoh to be applied in our won one.

So here it is…

We did question and answer session in a Bale Banjar, a place where a communal work or a meeting are happening.

Working together helping them build their Ogo-Ogoh

Execute all ideas gotten from the Local Banjar in building Class’s Ogoh-Ogoh

Lesson Updates:

Thematic : We are continuing our sharing about our culture, we are going to compile sttories from all around the word and also composing a descriptive paragraph about who we are and how are we connected as a resident of theis big world.

Math : We are solidifying our knowledge about fraction and how is that related to Multiplicatiuon and Division.

Literacy : The students have been working on debating skill. How to argue positively, how to express disagreement properly and how to support other’s ideas constructively.

Bahasa Indonesia : We are working on describing our leisure activities, public places and asking and giving direction.

Indonesian Culture : we have been finishing story creation in relation to Chinese New Year celebration, willow pattern tree.

Next week, we are ready to draw the story onto the ceramic/porcelain plate.

Upcoming events:

Tuesday, Feb 19th:  The very first Full moon ceremony in this semester. Please remind your child to wear their ceremonial clothes and have the change in their bag.

This day also, we are so lucky that the people in the Banjar that we are visited are going to come to our class to help us continuing making / finishing our Ogoh-ogoh.

Wednesday, Feb 20th : Local school students that we always visit will come to enjoy Green School for our morning block.

On this day also, at 11:30  We have a visitor  who helps to educate and protect turtles within Indonesia.  She is going to share some of her work with grade 4 Putih for about 30 minutes.

Happy reading and have a great week.


Grade 4 team.


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