Grade 4B met the local Banjar

Good Afternoon Parents,

Community involvement continued in Grade 4B as we spread kindness and time to the Kindy children. Grade 4B and Kindy were partnered up with buddies and enjoyed picture books together. These buddies will continue throughout the school year.

During community discussion some students raised the community problem of water in Bali and how it is due to run out in the future. So the class used a concept map to conduct internet research about this problem and consider future solutions.

The class also enthusiastically worked as a team to make their own class worm garden with Pak Brett during Green Studies. They learnt a lot about worms and discussed the benefits of a worm garden for the environment.

This week we started literacy and math groups. They ran really well and this has given the students opportunity to learn in small groups accordingly to their own ability.

We participated in daily mindfulness and also learnt more about our minds and bodies by learning about the Amygdala in the brain. Students learnt that the Amygdala is like a door and it closes when we are stressed and opens when we are feeling calm and relaxed. We placed glitter in a clear jar with water and shook it to symbolise a stressed mind and then we took 3 deep belly breaths and watched the glitter settle, similar to our calm minds and bodies.

Today both grade 4 classes walked to MEI. Here the children met with the head of the local Banjar (Ketut Ruma). They asked thoughtful questions and learnt more about our local Banjar (Saren). With the help of a map, students walked the local area. Lots of inquiry and meaningful discussions enabled the classes more knowledge of their local surroundings.

I look forward to seeing some of you this afternoon at the family picnic.

Until next week,

Kara, Ayu and Kiki


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