Grade 5 Footprints and Aqualand

Hello again, Grade 5 Parents!

It has been a week packed with exciting activities!  From culminating projects to fun outings, to a return to academic exploration, this week had it all!

In literacy we continued our group reading of our classroom novels, stopping to discuss comprehension questions and uses of similes, metaphors, and other symbolism.

Maths saw us continue our work on algebra.  Students were surprised that, contrary to popular belief, algebra isn’t all that difficult.  Once they understood the concept of variables, all the rest started to fall into place.

Tuesday was a big day in Thematics, as the Footprints showcase was the big finale of our project.  The students did an excellent job representing all their learning and hard work.  A big congratulations to all of our students!

As a reward, the day after the Footprints Showcase, the students were treated to a tour of Race For Water, a boat powered by solar, wind and hydrogen power.  While waiting, students engaged in some initiative games to build communication and problem-solving skills.

Afterward, the students went to Aqualand for lunch and then they enjoyed the activity space very much.

Finally, on Friday, the students got a treat from Pak Olly and Ibu Mega, as they ran a squid dissection!  Exciting, hands-on learning in Green Science!

Next week is another full week. It begins with a full moon ceremony on Monday morning.  Please ensure that your children come dressed in ceremonial clothes.

Grade 5 Graduation is coming up at 8:45 a.m. on Wednesday.  Once again, please make sure that your children and you are dressed in ceremonial clothes.  If you would like further details on the timeline for Wednesday, please see our email about Grade 5 graduation details.

All the best for a safe and happy weekend!

Best regards,

The Grade 5 Team


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