Grade 5 Last Week of School

Dear Lovely Grade 5 Parents,

Time flies and welcome to October! Hope everyone has good vibes for the new month ahead as well as the last week of school for term 1.

Entering the last week of term 1, Swimming is such a good activity to start the week. This week was the most fun week for the grade 5 students as they had House Sports Day and played soccer among the house teams. Glad to see the grade 5 students had good sportsmanship spirit that winning or losing is not a big deal for them, what mattered the most was they could play and have fun together.

Then after House Sports Day, the grade 5 students had a morning Trash Walk with John Hardy and his wife, Cynthia. They looked so excited and had good spirit to pick all the trash around the campus and the surrounding areas close to the campus. It was such a good experience for them to participate directly saving the earth from trash especially plastic. Excellent Grade 5

As we all realise that this is the last week of school, the students have reviewed and finish their work that has not been done yet academically.

Hope everyone will have a blast over term break and continue the following week with gratitude and positive vibes as always.

Happy Holidays & Stay Safe!

Terima kasih & Sampai Jumpa.

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