Grade 5 – WE ARE ONE

Dear Grade 5 Families,

Welcome to the Grade 5 blog!  We aim to bring you regular updates from the classroom and our adventures at Green School and beyond through this blog.

A warm welcome to our new families and to our returning families. We hope that all of you are settling back into the swing of life here in Bali and are allowing time for this process to happen.

Grade 5 has had a wonderful beginning together here at Green School and it is quite heartwarming seeing how the young people in grade 5 have reconnected with old friends and are developing friendships with our new friends this year.

Our theme at the moment is, “We Are One” and that is very much our mantra for now and into the future. Even when Grade 5 becomes Grade 5 Merah (upstairs) and Grade 5 Putih (downstairs), we will hold the ideal that WE ARE ONE and we ask you to help us honour this too. Over the first two weeks the entire Primary Team will be allowing time and space for the children to explore their learning spaces and neighbourhoods, whilst ensuring the children have a voice in their learning experiences and their class groupings. We will keep you informed about the class groupings when the time comes.

Thank you to those of you that were able to make it to the parent afternoon in the Yoga studio and Grade 5 room on Monday afternoon. It was a pleasure to sit in the same space with you all and hear a little about your family’s journey to Green School. How blessed we are to have such a diverse, dynamic and creative community. How amazing it is, that we have all arrived at this place and point of time in our lives together. We are excited for what the future holds for us all!

Thank you to the families that were able to join our ‘Mapinton’ Full Moon ceremony on Thursday and share that moment with your children and the school community. These moments are so special and unite us all.

Thank you also to all the families that are not able to physically make it to school for events such as described above. We value your support and honour your trust in us as a grade team and a school. We look forward to connecting with you when the time comes.

Friday saw the school community celebrate and acknowledge ‘Hari Merdeka’, Indonesian Independence Day. The day was filled with fun activities and red and white was everywhere. We also had some GSE students join our class for activities. Thank you to our amazing Indonesian staff for organising and facilitating this day for us all.

Please enjoy the photos attached. We hope the warmth of our grade group and our shared experiences here at school reach you through these images.


MONDAY MORNINGS, DEPARTING 8:30 SHARP (late arrivals to Ibu Darwi @Heart of School)



Warm regards,

Grade 5 Team

Pak Pete, Ibu Lidia, Ibu Wida

Ibu Raj, Ibu Dina, Ibu Pipit


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