Grade 5, Week 6

Dear Grade 5 Families,

We have just finished another epic week down here in grade 5. We kicked off Tanah Indah this week by having students beautify their land and create their own garden. Students then looked further into the scientific names, and nutrient needs of each plant to make more informed decisions on how they should be planted and cared for. Students then further developed their tribal identity through successful trades and the creation of new cultural games. In this challenge students were given minimal materials and then asked to design their own game that they could then challenge neighboring tribes to play (see photos below). Our games day was a huge success and it was absolutely wonderful to see such a large parent turnout throughout the week. Next week will be our last open week for families to visit, so if you haven’t yet, please make sure to email us and come on in to visit!

In Bahasa this week students delve deeper into the culture and language around real-life shopping interactions, and how to respectfully barter (in Bahasa of course). In maths students are successfully demonstrating their understanding of how to measure volume of 3 dimensional shapes and the connection in these calculations back to their Tanah Indah projects. We are also coming to the end of our guided reading groups, and students are eagerly awaiting the climax of our beloved novel Kensuke’s Kingdom. Additionally, during primary assembly several of our very own created a special musical performance to share with all of primary. Our students interest and talents really continue to inspire everyone in our classroom community.

Next week we will be diving into coordinate planes in maths, and again how this connects back to our real life experiences and Tanah Indah. In Tanah Indah we will be taking on our last few (yet most arduous) challenges, so please stay tuned! During literacy we will be taking on our final pages of our class novel, as well as diving into some more social studies lessons based around historic agricultural, social, and cultural development.


Saturday (December 1st 9:30 – 3:30) is our family board game day here at Green School. Please come enjoy an electronics free day with Pak Driver, Pak Joubert, friends, and family!

Please make sure our kiddos are reading each and every night at home, as we will be having book reports coming up soon.

Thanks everyone, we wish you a wonderful weekend!

– Grade 5 Team

Bahasa Time! – 

Tanah Indah Game Day-

Problem solving and solution design for an “emergency oil spill” on Tanah Indah land- 

Primary Assembly- 

Tanah Indah beautification and garden builds- 


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