Grade 5 Week 8!

Dear grade 5 families,

We’ve just finished off one of our most action packed weeks to date! We began this week by wrapping up our interpersonal reflections (Sense of Place Thematic) in and research by sharing what we had discovered about ourselves. This including reporting back personal interviews with classmates, family, and neighbors to describe how we are with them. Students shared their 2 sided masks, and wonderful mind-maps that help to connect all of the descriptive adjectives about themselves that they had generated. We then took the next step outside of our personal bubble, and looked to the local community around us. This entailed taking several field trips (see pictures below) to our local subak, school, and traditional temple. By seeing this important and impactful places first hand, students are now better able to understand the importance of local culture, traditions, and how they fit into the bigger picture of our community.

In Literacy we have been working on journaling daily as well as adding in a new unit on word study. This will entail us diving deeper into rich vocabulary words that we find in class readings and related activities. Additionally in numeracy we have been working hard to better our understanding of multi-digit division and multiplication and why we use the methods that we use (standard algorithm, , short division, lattice structure) to solve these equations.

Next week in thematics we will be reflecting on all the rich experiences we have had over the past few weeks, as well as doing some research on the whole of Bali, Indonesia, and how we fit into the greater world culture. In numeracy we will be wrapping up multi-digit multiplication and division, and diving into place value. In literacy we will be digging into our class novel, word study, and making connections back into Indonesian culture with a focus on story telling and puppetry (our thematics connection).

**Please note the following important message from Pak Thabo regarding our upcoming Full Moon Ceremony this next Tuesday.

What: Full Moon Ceremony

Where: Green School temple in the Heart of School

When: Monday, 24th September 2018

Time: 8:20 – 9:00

Activities: The students will practice out of respect for the culture on Bali Island.

Extra: The students should wear traditional ceremonial clothing.

Dear Parents,

We are writing to inform you about the upcoming Primary Full Moon Ceremony to take place next Tuesday September 25th beginning at 8:30am promptly at the Green School Temple in the Heart of School. Primary students and staff will come together to celebrate and each person will get a packet of kwangen (flowers wrapped in banana leaves) as an offering and holy water and bija (rice) will be distributed by the Balinese ceremony leaders. These celebrations are practiced out of respect for the culture of the island on which we live. Students should go to their classrooms as normal at 8:10 on the morning of the ceremony. Classes will walk together to the Heart of School and should be seated quietly, shoeless and as a class at the temple by 8:20am promptly. All students and staff participating should wear a sarong, a sash, an udeng (traditional hat for boys) or a kebaya (traditional lace shirt for girls).  It would be best if students came dressed in their traditional ceremonial clothing and brought a change of clothes in their bags for afterwards. We look forward to celebrating together.

** We also have parent teacher conferences coming up this next Friday. Details will follow son from Ibu Rachael, so stay tuned!**

Thank you all and have a wonderful weekend!

-Grade 5 Team

Cooking traditional cultural foods from our home countries in the GS kitchen lab! :

Preparing for our local school cultural exchange in Denpasar:

Cleaning a local temple after ceremony to better understand traditional balinese culture:

Visiting our local subak to better understand how important this body of water is to our community:

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