Grade 5 Weekly Blog

Another packed week at Green School as we come into the end of term 1. Swimming classes are going very well and students are making fast and impressive progress in their skills. Thank you to Pak Simon for helping to teach how to improve our diving skills. I think a really big shout out should go to our students who have gone from being nervous in the water to now swimming laps unaided. Amazing progress in a few weeks.

In literacy classes we have been reading our novel study ‘seedfolks’. Merah class alongside this are also reading ‘Boy’ by Roald Dhal and presenting stories from their childhood. Putih class are in the midst of an exciting project of letter writing to Pak Pete’s former school in Australia, and Merah will start this project in the coming weeks too!

In maths our unit on measurements and data is well underway. We have been reviewing and cementing our knowledge on how to measure, units of measurements and different ways to present data. Putih class have been taking out the measuring tapes and have been doing some real life measuring and Merah class have been expanding their knowledge on understanding and analysing data in line graphs.

Our Thematics units is extending our students design skills. The focus has been on understanding how our work is in an unending cycle of improvement and how we can continually reflect on our work. The theme is ‘a house built with nature, inspired by nature’. Check in with your children on how their individual projects are going as I’m sure they would love to brainstorm with their parents. We also are organising two exciting field trips around this . More info coming your way soon!!!

Ibu Zabrina held a special class this week and gave students a tutorial on how to make Mandala’s. On Friday Grade 4 and 5 had a special visit from Ric O’Barry. Ric O’Barry founded the Dolphin Project on Earth Day, April 22, 1970. The organization aims to educate the public about captivity and, where feasible, retire and/or release captive dolphins. We will be working to assist Ric’s work in Bali on freeing captive dolphins on the Island and are hoping to organise a visit to see some rehabilitated dolphins and find creative ways to help on this.

Notes to remember:

Jalan Jalan for term 1 is coming to an end and information about next term’s offerings will be coming your way soon.

PTC’s are next week. Please remember to book in your slot and pay a visit to the specialist talks. A gentle reminder that students should not come to school that day,

Swimming on Monday – please send students with goggles.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

Grade 5 Team


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