Grade 5A Week 1 (Term 4)

Dear Friends and Families,

We’ve finished another wonderful yet short week here in 5A. The school week began on Wednesday with reviewing what we’ve been studying across all subjects as well as introducing the idea of our upcoming capstone Footprints Project. In numeracy students discussed and showed what they know in fractions, and decimals and then applied these concepts during our math game day in the game Triple Digit Dare. Additionally, we are continuing to discuss our gripping class novel Out Of My Mind by Sharon Draper. Students have volunteered to read aloud various parts of the book for all to enjoy. Finally, in Science Pak Ollie ran a plant cell lab by which students dissected various fruit, and then made observations (via microscope) and recordings.

This coming week we will be discussing and deepening our understanding of the Footprints project, and brainstorming ideas and supporting those who need help finding the right project to take on. Additionally, we will be working together to select our schedule of activities for sustainable solutions week (April 16th-20th). In Budaya Bali students will be starting their own heroine reports by which they will discuss the infamous Javanese Kartini, and then form their own report on a heroine of their choosing. In numeracy we will be tackling division and multiplication of decimals, and in literacy we will be focusing our energy on paraphrasing and putting information into our own words so that we can more successfully take on our upcoming research projects.

This is a normal week, with no Friday assembly 

Wishing you all a wonderful week!

-Grade 5a Team

Math Games: Triple Digit Dare (Decimals)

Fruit dissections with Pak Ollie:

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