Grade 5A Week 3 (Term 4)

Dear Parents and Families,

We have just finished out our week here at Greenschool and had an awesome time celebrating for sustainable solutions. We were fortunate enough to visit many different seminars and workshops from Middle School through adult presenters. Additionally, grade 5 had the chance to show off all of our wonderful human body systems projects to the rest of primary school (see pictures below!). We are so proud of them, and the amount of focused work they have put into creating their 3D models as well as their online slideshows is really apparent. These crucial digital literacy skills, coupled with their ability to create hands-on models will certainly serve them well on into their middle and high school years! Finally, we finished the week out with Sex Ed (resources and curriculum were sent to all families via email). Unsurprisingly, 5A did an excellent job at both being mature, and unashamedly inquisitive when we tackled this often sensitive topic. Well done team!

Next week will be a normal school week with no assembly! We will be tackling multiplication and division of decimals in math, which we encourage students to practice at home with (Front Row, and Prodigy). Additionally, we will be speeding along to finish our class novel and and corresponding discussion topics as we come closer to the end of the year. In Budaya Bali, students who have not yet presented on their chosen heroine should be ready to present. Looking forward to another awesome week!

-Sustainable Solutions outdoor exhibits

– Sharing our human body systems projects

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