Grade 5A Week 5, Term 4

Dear Parents and Friends,

We have just finished another short, but awesome week in 5A. Student’s Footprint projects are really beginning to blossom, as most students now have mentors from both within and outside of campus. They are beginning to rely on email communications which is an excellent opportunity for us and our families to coach us through what good communication skills entail. It’s so wonderful to see students taking ownership of their projects and committing true passion and interest. Additionally, we are coming to a close on our numeracy work with dividing decimals and we will be moving on to percentages and financial literacy next. Students then finished the week with some hardcore fitness thanks to Ibu Dee! We were also able to meet with a very helpful middle school cohort of students to help us better understand what our transition to middle will both look and feel like. Thanks Pak Francis!

For this coming week we will be focusing much time and energy on connecting with and being guided by our mentors for Footprints. Please feel free to check in with your child on how they are doing and reach out if you have any questions. Additionally, we will be participating in Teman Teman with our little buddies (Pak Jerry’s Class) and helping them learn a few of our favorite techniques for calculating multiplication problems. Fun!

Please advise that there is NO SCHOOL next Thursday for National Holiday. The remainder of the week is normal.

Thanks, and wishing you all a wonderful weekend!

-Middle School interviewing and responding to authentic student inquiry!

-Training with Ibu Dee

Upcoming Footprints project from Sam!

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