Grade One Learning Resources for the Holidays

Hello Grade One families:

Here are some resources that you might enjoy if you are looking for some things to explore over the holidays. Please remember that learning happens all the time and the family time you are enjoying, along with traditions, adventures, conversations, cooking, resolving conflicts, and simply being present…contribute immeasurably to your child’s well being and growth. I am sure you know this and…we can all use this reminder sometimes. (At least I do!)

This is my favorite resource ever for listening to stories together. It requires a monthly subscription. Our family has been listening to these stories for probably 5 years and going strong.

Bedtime Math for Families

Youcubed is a tremendous resource for Math

Lots of games and activities-this website was recommended to me by Ibu Sarah and I love it for ideas!

Making Sense of Spelling-Gina Cooke I think some of your kids would enjoy this video about how words are structured. If not, YOU might! It changes the way I am looking at words, language and literacy. Thanks to Ibu Karen for putting me in touch with a teacher who shared this with me.

Let me know if you have any resources you’d like to share with our group and also if you have any questions.

Ibu Kris

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