Grade One Merah: Designing in Action

Hello Grade One Merah families:

Here are some photos from our Bike-Blender-Smoothie Project from last Wednesday. As we took the blender apart to see how it works, we were joined by a dozen or so cockroaches! Screaming children, dismantled blenders, and serous brain-growing problem solving and designing all in an hour. Good times, for sure. We will be joined again tomorrow by Guy Mullens (grade 2 parent) and Daniel Ojeda (Project Hub) with bikes and more blenders as we figure out how to put a bike on a stand and transform it into a human power source for a blender. Math, Science, Sustainability, Literacy, Social/Emotional learning with a healthy dose of chaos and discovery all blended together (haha) into what we can call Entrepreneurial Project-Based Learning.

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