Grade One Weekly News

Hello Grade One families:

Here are some highlights from week in Merah and Putih along with things to remember that are coming up.


All grade one learners are continuing to work in their leveled Literacy groups. Activities that we use for stations to enhance their understanding of the English language include exploring sounds of single letters, combinations of letters, and word families; guided reading; writing; and how words and sentences are put together. Thank you for your support with Home Reading. We can see the difference that you’re guidance and consistency makes with your child’s progress.

At home, for early readers, we recommend the game called Picnic on Pluto (


Learners are exploring properties of shapes and number sense with a focus on putting numbers together and taking them apart . and understanding patterns in our number system,  (number bonds, making tens, etc.). These concepts are the foundation for operations which are starting to be introduced.

Thematics: Gifts From The Earth

Go Parents! It is so enriching to learn from you and your children. We appreciate the work you are doing to create these lessons together and bring them to our classes. In addition to these family-generated lessons, each class is embarking on a sort of entrepreneurial project. Stay tuned for more about those.

Bahasa Indonesia

Language studies are focusing on classroom materials such as pencil, table, chair, and more. We continually review numbers, greetings, listening to directions, and learning prepositions such as next to, beside, under. In Culture Studies, both classes are doing hands-on projects, where one is planting and observing growth patterns and the other class is making traditional toys.

Next Week:

PLEASE remember water bottles every day, library books on Thursdays, and PW books on Thursdays and Fridays.

DANCE WEEK-Kids may want to wear comfortable, movement clothes every day next week as there will be lots of extra dancing!

BAMBOOPALOOZA-You have probably seen lots about this. We look forward to Friday afternoon together!

BAMBOO PLANTING-We will all be taking part in planting bamboo seedlings.

We are gathering data about the effectiveness of our blogs. Please email Grade One team if you get this far in your reading!

Have a wonderful weekend,

Grade One team


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