Grade One Weekly News 10.12.18

Hello Grade One families:

How about that assembly??

What an incredible group of MOVERS and LEARNERS! We hope that you enjoyed every moment of that joyful display of Grade One Wonderful! Thank you for being there to support all these children. We appreciate you.

We had a wild and fun week. For Teddy Bear/Stuffed Animal Day we weighed and measured our friends, invited them to see our classes, introduced them to friends, and wrote and drew about them. During Drama, we paraded our costumes for each other, choosing a stance and movement to represent those characters. Ibu Marvelina/Dr. Marvel also helped us share about what our True Superpowers are. This was a lovely sharing amongst all the children. Ibu Sukma was away, finally returning today, with big appreciations all around (she does SO much for us!). Green Science Team is supporting independent learning projects that continued this week, based on questions students have. Beyond all this, there was a monkey on campus, some illnesses for a few unlucky friends, and some families heading out on their travels.

Coming Up:

Saraswati Day

Please come and join us this Saturday, October 13th,  at Green School for a very special ceremony. Our Saraswati Festival is Saturday, October 13th. The purpose of the ceremony is to honour Dewi Saraswati, the Goddess of Knowledge, Music and Art. Balinese celebrate Saraswati Day every six months on Saniscara Umanis, Wuku Watugunung. It is based on the Pawukon (Balinese calendar) system. It is a very important ceremony especially for schools as Balinese believe that on this special day, Dewi Saraswati blesses human beings with knowledge for their prosperity, peace, and the improvement of human civilization. All students, families, as well as staff members, are invited to attend. Please arrive at school at 09.00am as the ceremony will start at 9.30am. What to Wear:

This occasion requires ceremonial clothing: women/girls: sarong, kebaya, and sash. Any colours are fine, but white and or yellow are traditional if you have them. men/boys: sarong, udeng (traditional and ceremonial hat in Bali. This should be white), with a white shirt. Agenda on Saraswati Festival:

7.00–09.00 : Preparation for the offerings from staff

09.30 – 10.30 : Communal ceremony (there also will be sacred Rejang dances and Mask dance performed by students, faculty, staff and local & International parents)

10.30 -11.00 Dances performance

11.00 – 12.00 Lunch and Clean Up

Gifts from the Earth

Our new thematic begins after the break and we look forward to learning from some of you as we explore Gifts from the Earth together. Sign up for a time when you are available and ready to come share a short lesson with us. Let us know if you want any help with planning or resources.

Green Camp

Grade One will be diving into a big day of adventure at Green Camp the Friday of our first week back (October 26). This day is intended to deepen our connection to this place and to build team work skills and broaden connections within our community of learners. We will send out more details as we get closer.

Schedule Changes

There are a few minor changes to our schedule coming up, including a second PW class on Friday afternoons. These iterations will provide improvements to your child’s learning experiences, to be sure. Library day remains the same, as well as PW on Thursday and Movement on Wednesday (for your home routines of bringing books back and providing athletic kits). Let us know if you have any other questions.

We wish you a wonderful holiday week and look forward to seeing you upon your return, for Cycle 2 of Grade One 2018/2019.

With gratitude,

Your Grade One Team

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