Grade One Weekly Wrap Up … 8.16.18

Hello wonderful Grade One families:

Our second week together has allowed us to get to know each other better, and create, as well as deepen, a supportive rhythm to our days as we continue the Launch period of our school year.

Here are some questions you can ask your child/children about what we’ve been up to:

  1. What did you learn about Indonesian Independence day? Why do we wear red and white?

  2. What are all of your Grade One Agreements?

  3. Teach me something new in Bahasa Indonesia.

  4. What friend did you get to know better this week?

  5. What did you make from the garden today?

  6. Who is your Art teacher? What did you learn about her?

  7. What is Green Studies? Who are your teachers? What did you like in that class?

  8. What did you write about at the Smoky Crystal? What is Kembali?

  9. What can our family do next week to contribute to Kembali and Carbon Zero living?

  10. What did you practice in Mindfulness?

  11. What was your favorite Merdeka activity?

From the above questions, we hope you learn more about how we spent our time this week. Gena, one of our Art teach, came to introduce herself to the learners.  Our Art Launch will begin next week, which is exciting!  Green Studies Launch began this week for a whole afternoon and will continue regularly.  We visited the Smoky Crystal near Sangkep for some journal writing, in addition to a quick tour of Kembali (recycling center). Our gardening began with some picking and washing of lettuce leaves and making sandwiches. Ibu Ayu Rosita helped us understand how to use the Library and we also had our first session in the computer lab (next to library), mostly learning that our laptops don’t have a touch screen! Our magical start to the days on Wednesday and Thursday in the field were especially great, as we hope you agree.

We appreciate your hard work in bringing your children prepared for big days, and being in such good communication with us.  Please let your child know that we do NOT allow any toys, pencil cases, stuffed animals, treasures from home to be used at school during the day. If your child brings anything, we are asking them to keep those items in their backpacks. This practice supports a sense of community (sharing the same materials) and equality (we all have access to what we need). It also avoids any possible focus on materialism/consumption. Thank you for your support.

Here is the LUNCH menu for the rest of August, if you want to talk with your child/children about their choices.

REMEMBER: No school tomorrow (Friday, August 17) You are welcome to join the ceremonies here at school, however, with your family as mentioned in the newsletter.

With much gratitude,

The Grade One Team


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