Gratitude to the teachers and parents from the Green Project Hub!

Thank you so much for the teachers and parents that supporting the Green Project Hub and accelerate the student projects this School Year. There were many collaborations between teachers and parents with the Green Project Hub to encourage the students to work with us, be mentors, bringing innovative ideas, and many other ways.

Every single collaboration is really special for us, and we would love to give our gratitude to the parents and teachers that are really highly engaged with us this semester. Thank you so much for our amazing mentors Tony Vovers, Guy Mullens, Kendall Bhayes, Baxter Smith, María Gutierrez, Lara Becerra, Lotte Bond, Jose Andres Vallejo, Sophie Woo, Sakura Tanida, Koji Kawakami, Scott Vandervoort, who put a lot of time to help students create awesome projects. Thank you so much also to the teachers that work closely with the project hub this semester, Melinda Chickering, Oliver Bourdon, Nicolene Du Prezz, Noan Fesnoux, Jaclyn George, Jason Gutzmer, Amanda Molnar, Mauricio Suarez, Mattieu Wicki, and all the amazing teachers that collaborate with us.

Thank you so much!

With love,

Green Project Hub.

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