Great News from After School Activity

The After School Activity for the 2nd term has been running for several weeks now and we’d love to share with you some of our great activities.

“Punapi gatra? Hope you’re doing well!”

Are you familiar with those words? Mai Milu Melajah is our school’s Bahasa Bali club. You will learn and practice your Balinese language on this activity. Last time, Pak Sal and Ibu Giyan took the club to Warung Ajik and practice their Balinese language on daily conversations, including greetings, ordering food, counting, and also appreciating one another while enjoying mango juice and be genyol. We have the Bahasa Bali module with daily simple words and phrases, so it’s easier to learn! Thanks to all club members who have been attending the class regularly. If you are interested in learning Balinese, then ‘Mai Milu Melajah’, means ‘Come, Join, Learn’ – with us, every Wednesday afternoon, 3:30 – 4:30 at Heart of School.

Howdy from Pak Dan and the INSANITY crew!

Insanity fitness class has been running at Green School for nearly three years now. The program itself has evolved from a series of home DVDs into a worldwide group fitness experience like Les Mills and Zumba.

Insanity uses a method of max interval training – periods of max effort work followed by a short break. The set up of the class is structured as 6 blocks; warm up, plyometric and speed, strength and stability, agility and coordination, abs and core and finally a cool-down and stretch.

Don’t be intimidated, all the moves that we do can be modified to remove impact or to decrease the range of motion. The goal is that each time you revisit a move you are able to do more repetitions within the 30 seconds without compromising your form. We run the same Insanity class for one month and then the entire program is adjusted.

Insanity is an amazing workout coupled with some groovy tunes and even groovier people. Come out to the Sangkep on Thursday afternoon, 3:30 – 4:30 to see what the entire buzz is all about.

Come and join us!

More details of ASA Schedule during TERM 2, please click HERE


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