Great Times in 4A- Week 4, Term 2

It has been an exciting week of number-crunching, research, presentations, gardening and creating!

Number Crunching

Partner number-building with dice to create subtraction sets and then checking our answers by calculating the inverse was so much fun! We loved the dynamic number-crunching and learned from our mistakes if we accidentally ordered our numbers incorrectly (by putting the smaller number on top). This game helped us to practice our subtraction with regrouping and glean new strategies for subtraction from our friends!


We have been so inspired by our novel study of The Dreamer. The story is set in Tumuco, Chile and by gaining a better understanding of where the story takes place, we are getting a deeper understanding of life in Chile as well as finding more ways to compare and contrast our lives with the life of the main character in our book, Neftali. To better understand the culture and life in Chile, we have each signed up for a specific topic like: art, architecture, land, natural resources and fun facts, clothing, food or stories and beliefs. Using the Chromebooks, we have been researching online and taking notes into our visual journals. By using pictures and words to convey meaning, we will present our illustrated research notes to the class so that everyone can put the pieces of the picture together!


We were pumped to have the opportunity to show off the various learning activities that we completed last term at the Primary Assembly this week. They were all centred around our 9-metre reticulated python. Everyone in the audience was so impressed, especially when the 4A children came out parading our creation around the assembly! The drama and excitement were high and everyone went wild with appreciation for their incredible creation!

Jasper did a flawless read of his python origin myth: The Legend of the Python. Well done, Jasper! Leo and Finn presented the PowerPoint that Leo made, using their amazing improvisation skills to engage the audience and get them excited about our 9-meter reticulated python construction process. You boys rocked it! Chihaya confidently made the class announcement about the book that we created and donated to the Green School Primary Library. Everyone is looking forward to checking out our 4A authors and Chihaya did a great job spreading the word! As a finale, Ella and Louison rapped the original snake rap that Ella wrote, with the help of Isla and Fern. The crowd went wild!

Building the Python- updated (click to view the PowerPoint)


Our corn and rosella seedlings are sprouting and gaining strength. To prepare for planting this coming week, we cleared and weeded the gardens- and had an unexpected lesson on the importance of worms!


In Indonesian Culture, Ibu Peni and Ibu Tri showed us how to create our own tamiang. Everyone had such unique individual designs and they look incredible! What an awesome lead-up to Kuningan!

We were SO into writing our superhero comics and super-stories! Talk about getting into the writers flow!

Vocabulary-building activities reached a whole new level of fun as we built words using our bodies, used dictionaries, played teacher and organized letter tiles into Scrabble-like word worms!

We can’t wait for the week ahead!!!

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