Green Bank Pitches and Grants are Booming!

As part of the Green project hub support initiatives we offer financial aid for projects at Green School Bali, aiming to kick-start more student-led sustainability projects by providing micro-loans and micro-grants.

This week we got a Greenstone and a Leap Jr. GRANT project pitch for: SILENT GENIUS, INTROVERT SPACE TREEHOUSE and PRODUCE BEFORE PILLS: Utilizing the Farmacy.

We also just launched a 1st grade Kid power – THE BIKE PROJECT and KKC in collaboration with Greenpeace HAUNTED AIR project.

Descriptions below.

Silent genius, Introvert space as a Treehouse that will design and create a space for Introverts to retreat throughout the day to day distractions in an extrovert world.

Produce Before Pills: Utilizing the Farmacy a Greenstone project that will explore the benefits of incorporating plant-based remedies into current Western medicine practices.

We also started a 1st grade “Kid Power – The Bike Project” would like to build and operate a kid-sized stationary bike that powers a blender in order to make smoothies to share and sell

And “Haunted air” which is campaign project in collaboration with Greenpeace to raise awareness about the importance of air quality, through an immersive sensitive experience.

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