Green Educator Course, ‘Bridging the Gaps’ February 2018

The first Green Educator Course in 2018 has passed and the participants had such a delightful immersed experience during 5 days and 4 nights in and around Green School. Highlighting the theme ‘Bridging the Gaps’ between climate deniers and people who do take action environmentally, Green Educators from across the world shared their knowledge with each other and the Green School community.

Another week well-spent with professional educators from across the world, to name a few, South Korea, Madagascar, Chile, Canada, Belgium, Australia! Time flies by rocket-fast when you are having fun, and that is how the Green Educators felt throughout the week. From bamboo-biking to mud-fighting. From dream-sharing to Greenopoly! The Green Educator Course has come back in 2018 and started with the February course highlighting the theme ‘Bridging the Gaps’ between the climate deniers and those who do act environmentally.

ENGAGE WITH THE GREEN SCHOOL COMMUNITY – The group had the chance to meet the students, teachers, parents, and social enterprises of Green School during the week through numbers of intriguing activities in and around campus. Observing primary classes, identifying leaves with Pak Brett, going on Jalan Jalan with the Bio-Bus Team and River Boom, playing the new edition of ‘rock-paper-scissors’ with LEAP Academy, trash-monstering with Kul Kul Connection, and many others.

IN TOUCH WITH THE BALINESE CULTURE – Ibu Giyan opened her doors for the group after bamboo-biking around the Sibang area. The family and Kul Kul Connection welcomed everyone with a mellifluous traditional Balinese instrument made out of bamboo called ‘tingklik’ while having Megibung style lunch and chatting over ginger tea with the entire family. But, before eating, the group had to wear Balinese sarong to get the feel of Bali.


The April Course is now open for people to sign up. We will be having a special edition during the 10th year Anniversary celebrations of the Green School with special speakers and activities happening on campus. 

To sign up for the upcoming course click HERE.


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