Green Generation and KKC Outstanding Participation at Festival Iklim 2016

On Monday (Feb 1 – Feb 4), a dynamic group of GS Green Generation student activists went to Jakarta to represent Green School at Festival Iklim, a conference hosted by UNDP REDD+, the Norwegian Embassy and the Ministry of Environment and Forestry. The conference hosted representatives from across Indonesia and beyond to discuss the outcomes of COP21 in Paris and Indonesia’s plan to align with the agreement to keep the global rise in temperature below 2 degrees celcius (#dibawa2).

Dedicated to the GS Green Generation mission of contributing to positive change on the issue of anthropogenic climate change, our fearless group of Green School and Kul Kul students participated in youth forums, represented student initiatives, such as Bye Bye Plastic Bags, Black Forest Green, Trash for Class and Bio Bus, and inspired 100 Indonesian youth to join them in a flashmob that highlighted conflict palm oil and its role in the destruction of our planet.

As the days progressed, we began to gain a greater understanding of the power of collaboration. It was so inspiring to see a team of Green School and Kul Kul students working together, along with staff, teachers and parents. We thrived on each others strengths and had some of the most fascinating conversations over dinner with each other and our new friends from the festival.

We made so many great connections and learned some valuable lessons, one of which is that there are so many schools and youth groups in Indonesia that are working for change on the issue of anthropogenic climate change.

Nevertheless,as GS Green Generation member and Kul Kul student Diah mentioned in the flashmob:

Tiga hari ini, Kita sudah banyak mendengar mengenai kebakaran yang terjadi.. Mendegar bagaimana kita memadamkannya.. Mendengar seberapa parah dampak emisinya.. Tapi, DIMANA PEMBICARAAN MENGENAI PENYEBABNYA?

During the first three days of the conference we heard a lot about the fires. We heard discussions on how to best put them out. We heard talks on how much carbon they emit annually–but where are the discussions on the cause of the fires? Where are the discussions on the palm oil industry that is largely responsible for setting the fires?

Green Generation students–Green School and Kul Kul– are not afraid to ask difficult questions that get to the root of the issues here in Indonesia. They’re not afraid to pick up a microphone and speak in a language not their own. They’re not afraid to mingle and collaborate with the youth of Jakarta to problem solve and write pledges. And they’re not afraid to stand together and call for action.

We do not yet know what action items will come out of Festival Iklim, but as a group we come back to Bali with a better understanding of REDD+, of the Alliance of Indigenous Peoples of Indonesia (AMAN), and of many other organizations and their respective perspectives on deforestation and strategies to protect sacred forest land from destruction as a key way to combat climate change in Indonesia.

At the closing ceremony, Green School was awarded with two achievements:

  1. Champion of Young Generation Pledge Writing – Gabrielle (HS)

  2. The Most Favorite Both

Also, watched Green Generation and KKC Collaboration performing their Flasmob below:

We look forward to hearing more on the outcomes as we prepare for the Bali Clean Energy Forum next week.

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