Green Generation: Road to #COP24

Green Generation has had a very busy week presenting, prepping, and learning from amazing change makers. Swapping stories with Indonesian Educators was a highlight of the week that influenced our direction and focus in creating our performance. We have begun to craft a multimedia movement based message that will be centered around the plight of the forests and the root of disconnection. Through workshops with Pak Shawn we have been able to begin blocking and coordinating music with movement to convey our narrative. What begins as a story of creation that embodies balance and harmony, quickly spirals into corruption and chosen unconsciousness. Only through the recognition that we are each a small part of one larger whole does the redemption/revolution of consciousness  happen, and with it the resolution of the performance. Pieces of writing collected from individuals in the GS community will also aid in the telling of the story in the form of spoken word and song.

Another opportunity presented itself when Courtney Mattison, an artist who we had looked to previously for inspiration, coincidentally presented at a middle school assembly! Her work is focused on promoting awareness about coral bleaching and she just recently finished an installation in Jakarta at the new American Embassy. Visually inspiring art like Courtney Mattison’s is a powerful form of activism and has an impact we aspire to emulate with striking printed images displayed as a backdrop to our performance.

As we mentioned in assembly last Friday, we want to make sure to have strong community involvement. We are so excited to have our friends in Primary help us to make paper mache orangutan masks for our performance! Keep an eye out for the reveal of these at an assembly in the near future.

There is also an opportunity for parents to participate in a dinner following  our debut performance on November 27th at 5pm. This dinner+show will follow an art installation, “Haunted Air”,  presented by Kul Kul Connection and Green Generation Junior students who have been working in collaboration with Greenpeace representatives to study air quality in Indonesia. Tickets and more information on the event will be available soon!

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