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Hey I am Arni, an intern in High School. One of my goals in the intern program is to learn project based learning. I am actively involved in some classes, and one of them is “Climate Change is Real – Tell your Friend” in Jalan-Jalan block. We are developing Green Generation – a representative group of student activists from Green School, Bali, whose mission is to contribute to positive change on the issue of anthropogenic climate change. We have 4 programs, namely: Climate Awareness, Project, Media, and Partners.

The students worked really hard, everyone took responsibility, and they even had meetings after school. I was introduced to several apps that I don’t even know before, such as Podcasting in Soundcloud, writing in Medium, and developing website by Weebly. Compared to the national curriculum, this class may be classified into several classes/ topics: Technology, information and communication (TIK), Bahasa/English class as we do writing and speech/presentation, Science as we do research about mangrove, and Social as we learn climate news around the world. Although, all of those topics were taught in line with a topic that we are all interested in: climate change. (Yes, we all agree that education must be done in a fun way, so exciting!)

I mostly work with students: NiLuh, Jess, and Stella to develop our Website: that finally launched on Green Educator Course and High school assembly on September 8 2017. The website contains everything that Green Generation has done. You can find them in the menu bar.

See our team in Green generation.

We’ve included our social media feed: instagram, facebook page, and twitter. Do follow us or simply look up our hashtags #Iamastudentactivist #weworkforearth

Before, I am not used to manage a website, not even sure if I could make one. It’s only been a month into my internship program and many new information attacked my brain, but I feel challenged. See you!

#Iamastudentactivist #weworkforearth


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