Green School Film Festival

One of the MEDIA LAB goals is to create Green School storytellers and the media lab team proudly presents Green School Bali Film Festival 2020 on March 13, 2020. We will launch the festival by opening the registration on October 25, 2019. Please send the email to

You can sign up as an individual or as a group. You don’t have to possess filmmaking skills yet because the purpose of the Festival it to see it as your finish line, and the media lab programs are your way to go to get to the finish line. 

All you need is: YOUR FANTASTIC IDEA for a film, either a documentary, fiction, animation, audio storytelling, or advertising. 

Once you are signed up, you will be included and invited to join lots up upcoming events such as film discussions, film workshops, Jalan Jalan Filmmaking class (For GS students), bi-weekly workshops with experts (open for all participants), and festival updates it self. 

Everybody that are linked to GS community can join/sign up for this. We will then interview further so we can design specific programs for each participant based on what they need. 

So meaning, students, local students, KKC, parents, staff, teachers and local communities can sign up. We will then put the participants into several groups based on skill and production criteria. 

Stay tuned for more updates by signing up for the Festival. Thank you.


Pak Adrian – Media Lab Team

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