Green School Garudas Week Ahead

Hello Garuda fans!

We are now officially the GREEN SCHOOL GARUDAS!  If you would like to submit logo ideas, please design them and email them to me.

We have some BIG news for you this week:

1) Home Teams of the Week: 9/10 BOYS green team, 9/10 BOYS white team, 13-15 BOYS green team, 13-15 BOYS white team:

Come to the field and support our 9/10 AND 13-15 boys teams tomorrow Wednesday September 12th for a 2:30 kickoff (teachers, we welcome you to bring your classes if it fits into your schedules)

2:30 9/10 boys Green School Green vs LFB

3:00 9/10 boys Green School White vs LFB

3:30 13-15 boys Green School Green vs Green School White

Please check the schedule on the blog for the rest of the away games this week.

2) Green School is hosting the first ever West Side 6-8 year old mixed Soccer tournament on campus this Saturday September 15th from 9am-12pm (or until finished).  Please see the document below:

Green School 6-8 Mixed Soccer Tournament


This past Friday, our girls AND boys 16+ teams took first place in the first ever West Side seniors tournament!!!!

Make sure to give some high fives if you see the players from the squads, and a special shout out to the coaches, Pak Adil, Pak Edu, Ibu Amanda, and Ibu Harriet!

Go Garudas!

BSSA Soccer Schedule PDF – Sheet1

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