Green School Garudas Week Ahead and Recap

Hello Garuda fans!

Here is what’s on for this week:

1) Home Teams of the Week: 11/12 girls and 11/12 boys:

Come to the field and support squads this Wednesday September 19th for a 2:30 kickoff (teachers, we welcome you to bring your classes if it fits into your schedules)

2:30 11/12 girls vs CCS

3:00 11/12 boys vs CCS Blue

3:30 11/12 boys vs CCS White

Please see the attached schedule below for the rest of the away games this week.

The first ever Green School 6-8 year old mixed tournament hosted by GS was a huge success this past weekend!  There were over 90 players from GS, CCS, AIS, LFB, and Sunrise and many more spectators from within these communities.  Everyone had an awesome time!  See some pics below!

Go Garudas!

BSSA Soccer Schedule PDF – Sheet1


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