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One of the more engaging aspects of Green School are the numerous opportunistic learning experience that come across our plate. Last week highlighted this with a visit from the OutTrop Project and showing of the film ‘Heart of the Haze’ to help bring our community’s attention to the situation in Kalimantan and how we may be able to help.

This led to Pak Adam teaming up with Black Jack to give a musical performance to raise money to supply citizens in Kalimantan with masks while they live in the dangerous haze. Meanwhile, more Green School teachers were busking outside while vendors sold their wares to help with the effort.

This week we welcomed storytellers from the Dayak tribe and Shinta, the young activist from Palangkaraya who was featured in the Heart of the Haze film to share more about the culture, history and situation in Borneo with our students.

Meanwhile Green School’s calendar is bulging with activities, as this week will feature a farmer’s and art market on Friday followed by our annual Cabaret featuring performance by students, teachers and parents at 6pm. Friday also marks the beginning of the Shift campaign, a 21 day health and wellness challenge in which participants can choose one or more habits to change in the Eat, Move, or Pause category. Get involved!

We will welcome Dr. Zimbardo next week for two workshops for teachers and students entitled ‘Transforming Passive Bystanders to Heroic Actors’ and ‘Changing Fixed Mindsets into Growth Mindsets’. He will also give a community lecture on Thursday evening, November 12.

Just a bit further out on the horizon;

  1. We’ll celebrate Saraswati as a community on Saturday, 28 November.

  2. Middle school’s Medieval Banquet on Thursday, 26 November.

  3. Bamboopalooza on Friday, 4 December.

Buckle up everybody! its going to be a fun ride into the holiday break.

Pak Glenn Chickering


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