Green School HS Starts the First Day of Classes!

Hi GS Families!

Classes have officially begun in the high school today! The buzz is exciting around the HOS as students learn what to expect from the teachers and their classes for the next six weeks.

Here are a few reminders that were sent out on the weekend:

1. Please read and respond to an email that came from with the title “General Permission – HS Field Trips”

Important Reminders:

Please email your child’s homeroom teachers if your child(ren) will be absent or late to school so that they can take attendance properly.  Notification as soon as possible helps us maintain a safe environment for all students in case of emergencies.

If a student is required to leave early, please notify their homeroom teacher first.  The student will then have to sign out with Ibu Novie on the 2nd floor of the Heart of School to receive a pass.

Homeroom Teachers:

Grade 9 (Pak Kyle and Pak Daniel),

Grade 10 (Ibu Emily and Pak Shawn),

Grade 11 (Ibu Maria and Pak Jade),

Grade 12 (Pak Zach and Ibu Melinda),

Email: High School Coordinator (Ibu Emily) and Learning Specialists (Ibu Melinda and Ibu Maria) — for more help with curriculum questions and course choices.,,

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