Green School Learning Programme Updates

Dear Community,

We know that you may be keen to know of any planned program and staffing changes for the year ahead. We want to share all that we know and are now ready to share the first update on the important touch-points of staffing, program changes, class sizes and facilities improvements. There is more planned for next year than contained in this initial communication, but we want to give you these key pieces of information, as the first step.

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High School Update

From Pak Kyle King, Head of High School


The High School team will be thanking and farewelling Pak Joel, Ibu Melinda, Pak Jason and Pak Bill at the end of the year.  These are all ‘big shoes to fill’ and we will share with you information about the talent coming in, including increased fire-power in math and literacy, as well as more resources on student guidance and graduate pathways. The rest of our well-established High School team remain in place and we will share information about the new teachers who will be joining the team in further updates.


High School will continue to grow successful programs from this year including by:

  1.  Refining the progressive three Green School Diploma options – “Projects”, “Leaders” and “Honors” Diplomas.

  2. Empower student voice via the Green School Student Association to affect positive change.

  3. Grow Advisor/Advisee relationships to support academics and wellbeing and further mentoring opportunities.

  4. Uplift the utility of Alma for making learning visible, efficiency, transparency and accountability.

In new program offerings we plan to:

  1. Deepen the meaningful integration of Social Enterprises and learning via Green School partners including identifying internship opportunities.

  2. Explore smart partnerships with organizations and schools that share similar values and programmatic overlaps  

  3. Add more STEM options, particularly in micro-controllers and coding applications.

  4. Networking with weekend programs that offer merit-based extracurricular activities.

Class sizes and facilities

HS is expecting to have slightly smaller class sizes.  Course offering will be similar in nature, but with slightly more options (currently, we offer over 300 courses each year or 50 in a block).  There are plans to create additional classroom space for drama and art and a little more room to move on the second and third floor of Heart of School. Other changes around Heart of School are in focus to reduce the noise and traffic that can be distracting. Students will also be celebrating the addition of a dedicated, new student lounge.

Middle School Update

From Pak Sal Gordon, (Current) Head of Middle School


Pak Sal is moving into the Head of Learning position – we are currently looking at internal candidates to take the Head of Middle School position. Pak Bill and Pak Noan (both are currently shared between MS and HS) will be leaving Green School. Pak Lance will be joining the Middle School team (from Grade 5) and we have an exciting new hire (with Mathematics, Science and technology expertise) which we will be announcing soon.  


Middle School will reinforce the already strong proficiency and thematics curriculum. Our Science curriculum is under review (after 2 years of implementation) – as we are looking for ways to make Science even more experiential. During Term 4, the Middle School Development Committee will be looking at our daily schedule and assessing if/how we can modify the schedule to better suit the needs of our students. Our Social-Emotional programs – ie. Tribe time, Social-Emotional classes, Gender thematics, and Gender-workshops – will continue to provide the explicit focus on wellbeing and social-emotional development. We hold to the belief that this is a vital bedrock to the educational experience of our young teenagers.  

Next year, we will continue to consolidate the documentation of all components of our program – we have worked hard to develop a unique Middle School model, and the next step is to get serious about how we communicate/publish our program. Enhancement units such as Leap Jr, IDEA, SOAP, Warrior Writers, Outdoor Education – will continue to be important parts of our program; providing opt-in, short-term alternatives to ‘normal’ classes. We will continue to provide opportunities for parent-involvement in our program; this is two-fold: (1) workshops by teachers for parents (transitions, technology, behaviour); (2) having parents join in facilitating/co-teaching units. ‘Digital portfolio’ tools such as  Google Sites, will be considered as a way of students building their own ‘the is me’ showcase of learning, passion projects and interests. We will also continue to foster positive connections with our local community – this year we have provided many opportunities (in Art, Physical, Jalan-Jalan electives – and in our Bahasa Indonesia program) and we will definitely be building on these strong connections.

Class sizes and facilities

Classes will be approximately the same size as this year. We will continue to provide a combination of prescribed and elective units, so that our students are able to start taking control of their learning journey. Students will have new Middle School ‘decompression space’ and mini Sangkep in their Neighbourhood. They will also have access to an additional music room.

Primary School Update

From Pak Thabo (Acting) Head of Primary School


There will be 1 homeroom teacher leaving GS (Pak Jay); Ibu Mary and Ibu Jennipher will also both be moving on to new adventures.  Utilising expertise of current faculty to work towards strategic goals, there will be movement of some other current teachers into different roles for next year.  We are close to finalising our hiring for next year and have some wonderfully talented educators coming onboard. More detailed information about teacher movement, and new teachers, will be shared as soon as possible.


Next year we will be continuing the development of strong, multi-faceted teams across the primary school.  These teams will help to clarify and celebrate the focus on connections as an LN priority (connections with other people, connections with the Earth, connections with our campus, connections between cultures).  These teams will enrich the holistic foundations of learning required of children to become positive community members; joyful learners; and children, guardians, and warriors of the earth.

There will be a renewed focus on wellbeing across the primary school.  This will include the the continued development of our social-emotional-physical wellbeing programme to ensure it is comprehensive, inclusive and focused on developmental stages.  Following a comprehensive review, we are really proud of how our thematic frame of learning has developed across this academic year as well as being enthusiastic about the development of our student led projects program.  Next year, we will leverage and develop these areas further to continue to integrate and individualise learning, providing increased opportunities for children to follow their own interests and answer their own questions. Some specific examples include:

  1. A fresh focus on Green Studies as a historically flagship program in Primary.

  2. Establishment of a specialised Indonesian Language and Culture Centre and program.

  3. More project-based learning, particularly in upper Primary.

  4. Improved integration of learning through our Social Enterprises.

  5. More mearningful hands-on learning through collaborative iHub programs.

  6. Jalan Jalan in a new and improved way for upper Primary.

  7. Bringing animals back into the Early Years and Primary learning experience in a careful, caring and impactful way.

We will also be utilising the collective expertise of our faculty teams, and our Support Services team in particular, to embrace and support specific proficiency (maths & literacy) needs across the Learning Neighbourhood.  Alongside all of this, we will continue to foster students to become kind and thoughtful community members, creative and systematic thinkers, effective collaborators and communicators, and empowered and adaptive problem solvers.

Class sizes and facilities

Class sizes to remain the same next year. A Green Studies home-base area will be established and the well-planned introduction of animal interaction/learning spaces will be a much-loved addition. A new music room will support the music program in Primary as well as an Indonesian Language and Culture Centre.

Early Years Update

From Ibu Russlee


We are close to finalising the hiring of a small number of additional staff members for next year and we are happy to say that there will be no changes to our wonderful Early Years teachers who will all be staying here at Green School next year.


Our Early Years program is exciting, vibrant, playful and muddy!  It provides a wonderful beginning to school for the youngest humans in our community.  As always at Green School, there will be evolution, but there will be no major changes to what is already a fantastic program.   

Class sizes and facilities

Additional learning pods will be embedded in the Early Years village with additional student gardens for growing food and flowers. Careful access to animals as part of the learning experience for our little ones will also be introduced into the neighbourhood. Some renovations to toilet facilities to make them more user-friendly will also be completed over the end of year break.

To all our continuing families, we thank you for continuing to entrust us with the education of your child(ren). The year ahead will be guided by our new Strategic Plan which will be shared with you soon. This will guide our evolution and will open-up a fresh dialogue with you the community on progress against a clear set of goals. With ‘children-first’ as our guiding principle, we look forward to a fresh and impactful year ahead. With a strong team of educators with deep experience and strategic alignment and a vibrant and energised community of learners.

Love and Respect

Green School Executive Committee


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