Green School’s Sustainability Audit 2016/2017 – An introduction

In April 2017, Matt Leggett and Marcel started a journey, by not knowing where it will lead us, not knowing what it will uncover, not knowing what impact it will have. What we did knew at that time was that Green School’s 2018 strategic plan outlines a clear vision – “A sustainable and shareable Green School by 2018”. A number of these objectives caught our eyes immediately and gave a stronger basis to work towards ‘a learning organization that is deeply connected with the world’, ‘a clear, action-based, entrepreneurial learning programme’, ‘an exceptional, natural, sustainable learning environment’ and finally ‘a viable economic model’. However, we were also aware that Green School’s current sustainability impact has not yet been comprehensively quantified, making it both difficult to measure the current sustainability baseline across a range of areas, and difficult to measure progress towards many objectives within the strategic plan.

The Sustainability Audit will therefore focus on collating and quantifying data connected to GS’s sustainability impacts, to enable Green School and its community of learners to demonstrate that the Green School learning experience has a positive and measurable social and environmental impact, as well as providing a clear overview of the school’s current efforts towards achieving sustainability.

READ THE FULL REPORT: 20171213_-_Newsletter_Sustainability Audit #1 (Introduction)

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