Green School Security and Safety Updates

Maintaining our Beautifully Open and Natural Learning Environment

Security and Safety

How do we protect the safety and security of your child while maintaining our beautifully open and natural learning environment? Our approach has been to work systematically through a risk-based process to implement upgrades that strike the right balance. The new visitor entrance, the perimeter (living) fence, vehicle checks, armed guards and police on-site are some obvious examples. Our new Head of Operations, Dennis Walker, is an experienced and professional operations manager and is overseeing these upgrades. There is much more going on behind the scenes and we want you to know what is going on. Read on…


We have a comprehensive project plan for upgrades which is based on the recommendations of our professional security consultants. These upgrades are being worked through systematically and are in accordance with risk levels.

Armed guards – on-site as an extra level of protection. This service is provided via the police so that we have instant access to police and other security services in the event we need them to be called in. While we know some parents may find the sight of armed personnel off-putting, we are responding to the recommendations made to protect our community. This will remain in place for the foreseeable future.

Perimeter fencing – A living fence is being installed currently. We do not want a steel and barbed-wire fence, but do not want it to be easy to walk onto campus. This is an extra line of defence and will also help to keep dogs out, children in and aid in reducing theft. The fence will include many exit points around the perimeter, should there be an incident which requires the community to disperse.

Public tours – we are a school and our students are not to be a feature of our public tours. We want to share our story with the world and public tours will continue to occur but have undergone substantial adjustment:

  1. Within the next three weeks, the tour time will change to 9am, while children are in class and under the supervision of teachers.

  2. The route has been changed significantly and will NOT be passing by classrooms.

  3. The tour duration has been shortened and numbers capped at 25 participants.

  4. Only experienced and assertive tour guides will be leading tours and each group will be flanked by 2 security personnel.

  5. Select photo stops eg: the bridge, will be the only place photos are allowed.

  6. Visitors may only come on campus just prior to the tour start time. Security and the tour leader will be on-site at the Peace Garden to ensure the group stays together.

  7. Visitors may not access the common community space at the front of school and may not use bathrooms on campus, except for the facilities in the Shanti House.

CCTV – installation of CCTV cameras at strategic locations through campus will commence in March. This will enhance surveillance and improve protection of students and property.Lockdown – to secure and protect Green School students, staff, teachers and other community members, a procedure has been developed and the Green School faculty has been briefed. For security reasons we cannot disclose details of this procedure. Health & Safety We have a comprehensive project plan for upgrades which is based on the recommendations of our professional Health and Safety consultant. These upgrades are being worked through systematically and in accordance with risk levels. The current three focus areas include the following: Emergency Response Team – Identified a team of emergency first responders that can be trained to deliver Emergency First Aid and CPR/AED. Emergency Response Training – Evaluating Emergency First Aid and CPR/AED certification training courses.

Campus hazard management – the upgrading, management and maintence of coconut palms, building and play equipment, bridge fencing and mosquito control etc is now scheduled and prioritised on a rolling facilities safety management schedule.

Security and safety are the top priority areas of focus and will be subject to a ongoing process of evaluation and continuous improvement.

Pak Dennis Walker

Head of Operations

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