Green School Student Started A Choir Project with KKC Students

Some people say that the better thing than singing is only more singing. We couldn’t agree more with the statement, especially when you do the singing for the greater good. And that is exactly what we do to KKC students. With the help of Tessa, one of Green School students who generously offered to share her ability to sing by starting a Choir class with KKC students, KKC team organizes a class to make it happen.

Tessa intends to introduce Indonesian beauty to the whole community through songs and to spread the environmental awareness through singing performance. She will works regularly once a month with Pak Skolastika (KKC member, (LSP Counselor) and Pak Pras (GS teacher). Way to go Tessa, Anggi, Susan, Sayu, Diah, and Dayu !

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