Green School Vision 2018 – Comment Period Open

Dear Community,

Where will Green School be in 2018? Through the hard work of our entire community, a concrete vision is forming.

The Strategic Review process last year, and the Strategic Plan process this year, have yielded a guiding vision for where Green School can and hopefully will be by 2018. The working draft of this vision can be found below:

A Sustainable and Shareable Green School in 2018

The vision is based on broad input over the past nine months from representatives of all stake-holder groups. We are excited to offer this most recent version to the full community for comment before it goes to the board on March 20th for review.

Please take a look at the document above and offer any comments you feel appropriate. Comments received by March 15 will be eligible for inclusion in the March 20 report to the board. However, this will be a living document and of course subject to revision as we progress on our journey.

Additionally, there is the opportunity to provide conversational feedback in one-on-one sessions with members of the Strategic Planning Committee. If you would like to arrange such a conversation, please reach out to any of the members below and schedule a time before the March 15 comment cutoff time:

Strategic Planning Committee members available for meetings: Dennis Walker | Aaron Eden | Walker Zabriskie | Noan Fesnoux  | Anastasia Komarenko  | Gaby Leenheer | Kate Druhan

The Strategic Planning Committee would like to sincerely thank the many stake-holders who have contributed to this vision, and would like to continue to hear all voices in order to craft our exciting future together.

Sincerely, Your Strategic Planning Committee

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