Green School Visits Race for Water

Green School students and teacher got a chance to visit the Race for Water Odyssey ambassador vessel, which was officially welcomed on Tuesday, June 11 in Bali by institutions, partners and the media for the first time ever in its five-year global tour.

The vessel, which is the world’s largest solar-powered catamaran, is going around the world to raise awareness on the impact of plastic waste on the marine environment and propose local solutions to this global problem.

Race for Water Foundation is an organisation dedicated to the preservation of water and in particular our oceans, whose vessel has a stopover in Benoa, Bali. This will be the first time the world’s largest solar-powered catamaran will visit both Bali and Jakarta.

There was also a press conference on the boat which was attended by the Vice Governor of Bali, Mr Tjokorda Oka Artha Ardhana Sukawati, the Race for Water Foundation president, Mr Marco Simeoni; Honorary Swiss Consul Mr Gerhard L. Nutz; Deputy Head of Mission, Embassy of Switzerland in Indonesia, Mr Michael Cottier; Foundation Board Member and internationally renowned professor and author of the Blue Economy, Mr Gunter Pauli, and Ibu Cynthia Hardy.

Three of Green School students: Gusde (Grade 7), Serena (Grade 8) and Airu (Grade 8) were invited to the stage to represent the young generation who play a key role in protecting the earth and preserving the ocean in particular. They have been involved in SOAP (Students Oceans Ambassadors Programme) and WOAH Festival on the World Oceans Day last Saturday, June 8.  

After the press conference, our students got interviewed by Phoenix Radio too. You can listen to their interview here (starts on minutes 3:38).

Afterwards, all students with Pak Francis also had a chance to tour the boat and chat with the captain and crew. It was truly a great learning experience for the students and we were glad that we got a chance to talk on behalf of the youth.

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