Green Stone 2018: Tuesday, June 5

Come one, come all to Green Stone 2018 on Tuesday, June 5!

Our community will fill the Sangkep with the voices, learning, hopes and dreams of our 6th graduating class.

Please join us, and come early to enjoy choice seating!

Green Stone 2018 Sangkep 8:30 a.m. – 5:15 p.m.

8:30 Ruby Bourke : Minimalism Patrick O’Grady : Eco-Tourism Quinn Beblow : My Journey with Success & Happiness Jetsun MacDonnell : The Art of Storytelling Tessa Krisanti : Giving Back BREAK 11:00 Luba Bauer : Seeds for Freedom Made Kosala : West & East Viva Dio : Why can’t we get along? Thoriq Nurhidayah : Energy in Motion: A Journey of Discovering Connectedness LUNCH 1:15 Melati Wijsen : Empower a Woman, Empower a Village Bronson Parish : Ocean Flow Jacqui Bulstrode : Sharing Vulnerability Shoya Santanda : Failure Gede Witsen : Creativity for Change 3:30 Serinya Gjemmestad : A Little Thing Called Curiosity Shahinaz Samoy : Is there a right way to have a conversation? Gayatri Nilsen : A Gentle Protest Atiya Ansari : Everyone has a Story: Who’s Listening? Shei Yu : Studying Abroad in Trump’s America

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