GS High School Connects with Community Near and Far

This is an ambitious week for Green School high school! Our students are connecting with new friends and old here on campus, around Bali and across Indonesia. Here are some images:

Teaching Bahasa Indonesia in grade 5

“I had a ton of fun today! The students were lovely. It was such a great learning experience. ” Gabrielle Fay, grade 12

Painting a school without walls.

Green Studies with grade 3, taking care of our rabbits.

Students are building a water tower designed to catch fresh water. We hope to take the design to East Bali and share with water-scarce communities there.

They made it to Java! Here is the Ramayana Bio Bus Roadshow team at the summit of Mount Bromo in East Java. Brrr….

Kul Kul Connection students and GS high school students traveled to Raja Ampat in the Indonesian province of Papua to connect with local communities teaching conversational English and learning about the richly diverse ecosystems.

Students traveled to rural East Java with Yayasan Malang Surf Association to catch some epic waves and connect with local communities working to develop sustainable tourism practices.

Students are working with young scientist Miranda Wong researching the digestive systems of relatively health cows that live on the dump at Benoa.


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