Halloween in Pre-K Starlings

Dear Parents,

The highlight of this week was Halloween! The children were so happy coming to the class and showing their costumes to their friends and the teachers. In the Early Years Neighborhood, we enjoyed our traditional Halloween trick-or-treat circuit. We are very grateful for the abundance of parent volunteers who worked together to make creative stations around the Early Years compound. The children really enjoyed the treats and activities. The treats received were homemade chocolates, candy, monster marshmallows, popcorn, cookies, cakes, crackers and more. The Halloween activities included popping balloons, throwing balls into containers, bobbing for apples, face paint and tattoos. It was wonderful to see the children trying new things and doing their best. It was one of our most exciting days at school! A big thank you to all of the families that helped to make this day possible by sending in treats, treasures and games and/or volunteering on the day. Happy Halloween everyone!

This week we discovered another gift from Mother Earth….. cacao!  Pak Made, a wonderful Green School Gardener, helped us hunt for cacao trees. He then did all the hard work by climbing up to pick some cacao pods from the trees. Thank you Pak Made! We got around 5 cacao fruit and the children had the opportunity to taste it. It was so good to see some children who were unsure about eating the fruit  take the risk to try. Their reactions to the fruit were mixed. Some really liked the taste……. others were not so sure. We are keeping the seeds and plan to plant them again. In this way, we will give back what the earth gave to us. Later we watched a short video on how chocolate is made. We learnt that after the cacao is harvested, it is fermented, dried and ground. Other ingredients, such as coconut milk and coconut sugar, are then added to make chocolate. YUM!!!

During Green Studies and on our nature walk, we found so many different seeds, such as tamarind, noni and jack fruit. We are going to see if we can plant these too. We have already collected the soil and compost and will use cardboard egg trays we found at Kembali to germinate the seeds.

Here are some pictures of the children busy decorating their classrooms for Halloween!

Another gift from the earth that we found this week were “EGGs”! We have a goose egg, chicken eggs and a quail egg. We compared their size, color and shape and learned how we can take care of them. We also found other things around our classroom to compare, such as leaves, books and sticks. We practiced our descriptive vocabulary using words, such as biggest, smallest, longest, shortest, bigger and smaller.

Crab time and adventures with Ibu Nicolene and Ibu Pera during Green Studies class!

During cooking class, the Starlings made potato croquettes. They cut parsley, carrots and onions into small pieces. Then, the students smashed the boiled potatoes using a mortar and pestle or spoon. After that, they mixed all of these ingredients with flour and eggs and seasoned the mixture with garlic powder, pepper and salt. To make the croquette, the children took a scoop of the mixture and flattened it on their hands, put some cheese in the middle and then made a ball before covering it with bread crumbs. Finally, Ibu Kadek Ari and Ibu Komang helped us to deep fry them in hot oil.

In P.E. class, Ibu Amanda and Pak Putu prepared three fun stations for us to practice our hand eye co-ordination and gross motor skills. The first station was an obstacle course that included kangaroo jumps, froggy jumps, the balance beam, crawling and hopping. In the next station, the children practiced their ball bouncing skills which takes a lot of concentration. They bounced the ball in a zig-zag, bounced balls in the hula hoops and around one of the lines painted on the floor. In the last station, they threw balls at targets. I think we are getting much better at this.

Today we celebrated a birthday in Starlings Merah! Happy Birthday River!


The days are getting hotter and hotter. Please remember to pack a hat for sun protection and a water bottle so the children can stay hydrated.

There are still some cases of lice in the Early Years. One way you can help us to limit the spread of lice is to tie back any hair that is shoulder length or longer.

Heads up : 

Full Moon Ceremony: Tuesday November 12. Please pack a sarong and udeng (Balinese headband) for the boys / a sarong, kebaya and sash for the girls, if you have these traditional outfits at home.

BambooPalooza: November 15

Indonesian Assembly: November 27

Thank you and have a wonderful weekend!

Best wishes,

The Starlings Team

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