Happy Holidays!

Dear Grade 3 Families,

“Present moment, wonderful moment”…

What a good time in the year to stop, breath, be grateful and honor all the special moments and learning experiences lived together as a group and with the Green School community.

We have been so immersed in this term project that we forgot to communicate more often. However, to close this semester we are sharing with you the video (above) of the CCT visit and the slide presentation (download here) of our student-centered Thematics process, which clearly reflect their interest, passion and hard work. In the end, we feel amazed and fulfilled with their high motivation which inspired them (and still does) to think systemically and initiate proposals on their own to solve environmental issues that concern them.

Your kids are gaining self-regulating, socio-emotional and thinking strategy skills. Every day they are engaging in more challenging tasks and trusting their abilities. They are becoming more mindful of their body, mind, and emotions. But most importantly, we see happy children coming to school and grade 3 class!

Thank you for the trust, support, and patience!

Wishing you happy and peaceful holidays and a fantastic new year,

Grade 3 team

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