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Happy Mother's Day!

Dear Parents,

Since we are such a diverse community, our holidays are also different sometimes. Several countries, including my home country, celebrated Mother's Day yesterday so even if your country celebrates on another date, I just wanted to send extra love and warm wishes to all of the magnificent Mothers around the world. This distance learning could not be possible without your patience, love, time, energy and support and we are very grateful for all that you do to light up the lives of your children. It's not easy but it is definitely an amazing experience to have all of this time together as a family, navigating lifelong learning. If you are like me and don't get to all of the activities some days, I'm excited to let you know that our new archive function on the website is now working for the homeroom daily slides and the Specialist weekly menus. This allows you to look back and find all of that past slides since our Distance Learning adventure began rather than scrolling through your full inboxes. I hope this is helpful and many thanks to the tech support team, especially Pak Yudik, Pak Jack and Ibu Amanda M. for all of the assistance setting this up.

As most of you know, I have a child in Early Years too and am learning how to best support her through this new experience. I have found it helpful to set up a special space for her which is her school area and we also have a craft table for her, which has grown to multiple areas around the house. I have been encouraging her to take movement breaks which usually involve some wild dance moves to her favorite singer, Shakira or her new love, Beyonce. This is also a fun way for me to step away from the computer and spend some quality time with her. It also helps to have a calendar and let her know in advance which Zoom calls she has that day, giving her 5 minute warnings before the session begins. I know that some children do not like being on the camera so you are always welcome to turn off the camera and just have your child participate through sound. It's inspiring how well our youngest ones are able to adapt and this keeps me motivated to go on. The teachers at school often play a clean-up song to help make tidying up more fun. I started doing this at home and it is really helping. Here is one song you might want to use: "Clean Up Song for Children" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oY-H2WGThc8

Thank you for reading. Have a fantastic day.

With love,


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