Happy Valentines!

This was a warm week packed with meaningful moments. Silent walks, independent projects, and gardening were only some of the highlights.

We started the week creating our Ogo Ogos. After introducing the theme: Care for the Air, each student designed their own on paper. They presented it to the group using “persuasive language”. They had to tell others what it represented and why would it work as an Ogo Ogo. They then decided for one design in Merah and a combination of 2 designs in Putih. We are very excited to have GS amazing carpenters interpret and build the main structure so we can add the details next week.

On VDay we had a special assembly, a school dance at the field and a Grade 3 potluck

party. To complement and celebrate, during Literacy we read and wrote friendship stories and gratitude cards. As we try new communication and conflict resolution strategies, we are learning about the art of making friends. It is a great opportunity to invite new and old friends home to help them strengthen their relationships!

In Teman Teman, we are working with Grade 4 students to encourage teamwork and share our work. 

During Thematics, they have started writing about Gaia’s life story… we will be integrating Arts and Drama into our writing… more news about it later!

Next week we plan to experience more applied multiplication strategies. Please use any opportunity to invite them to multiply at home with real-life problems… For example:

“I bought you 5 boxes with 10 granola bars each. If we need to split them equally between your brother and you, how many would you get?”

Challenge them and play games together to practice practice practice!

Remember we have a full moon ceremony on Tuesday from 8:20-9:00 am. Please come with ceremony clothes.

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