Happy Week 6 in 4A!

Wow! It is amazing to that we have already been in school for 6 whole weeks! In this short time, we have started new relationships, nurtured existing ones, developed agreements and expectations in class and learned SO much! We are really getting into the groove, as fall has set upon us, and the 4A teachers could not be happier about your children’s progress so far!

Celebrating our successes is awesome but recognizing that we are all growing and developing in our own time and in our own ways is also paramount. Let’s all keep working hard to be the best we can be, every day. If something doesn’t make sense or we make an error today, all we can do is learn and grow from it!

If your child is feeling frustrated with any concepts or would like extra support, please remind them that they can always come to chat with us. We are here for them and the metaphorical door is always open! We would love to see our students taking ownership of their learning by helping us to help them. Identifying areas where they need to channel their efforts in order to succeed is a great way for our children to start building autonomy!


In Science, this week, 4A was working on the OROS building! Operation Rain or Shine started when we won the Zayed Future Energy Prize for a proposal to create an upcycled battery bank. That project was ambitious and awesome, but also a bit dangerous and so we shifted gears and decided to showcase a variety of energy capture and storage techniques.

Now we are building an ecologically sound Energy Hub next to the gym. There, we will house a number of different forms of electrical production and storage, as well as capturing rainwater on the roof of the building.

At the moment, we are in a fun part of building: We are filling earthbags and slowly watching the building grow organically, and then plastering the outside. It is very environmentally friendly, and you can learn why by talking to your child.

Here are some ways Green School students have connected to the project:

  1. Earthbag building (7-8 kids at at time max) – available now

  2. Plastering (larger groups, but lots of fun and dirty) – October

  3. Planning the path for the micro-hydro – October

  4. Coming up with concept design for outer mural upon completion (Nov-December)

  5. Sharing ideas about design of bamboo structure

Please check out the photos! https://photos.app.goo.gl/LKTiK8thDEvgQghb2

Fun in Art:


The Wednesday Junior Finals locations and schedule is below, buses depart at 12:30 pm return by 4:45 pm.

  1. 9/10 yrs at BIS (1 bus)

  2. 11/12 yrs at Dyatmika (1 bus)

  3. 13-15 yrs at Canggu (1 bus)

1.45pm: 2 x Semi-Finals Girls first,

2.15pm: 2 x Semi-Finals Boys

2.45pm: 2 x B division finals (Boys and Girls)

3.15pm; 2 x Finals (Boys and Girls)

All done by 4pm.

Finals match-ups are:

9-10 Girls A: BIS v Green  2nd SIS v CCS

9-10 Girls B (no final) 9-10 Boys A: BIS v LFB and Dyat v CCS 9-10 Boys B: BIS 2 v LFB 2 11-12 Girls A: Dyat v AIS and BIS v CCS 11-12 Girls B: Dyat 2 v CCS 2 11-12 Boys A: Dyat v SUN and BIS v Green 11-12 Boys B: Dyat 2 v LFB 2 13-15 Girls A: BIS v SLK and Dyat v CCS 13-15 Girls B: Dyat 2 v BIS 2 13-15 Boys A: Dyat v Green and BIS v SLK 13-15 Boys B: Dyat 2 v LFB 2

Special Events:

We were so lucky to have the privilege of meeting Pak Rizal this week! He is an innovative musician who creates his own instruments out of bamboo, a more sustainable option than wood. Check out his amazing music by following his blog: https://rizalabdulhadi.com


This week, we wrapped up our irespect lessons on empathy by doing mindfulness activities that helped us connect to our own feelings and the feelings of others. We came up with story examples to illustrate the main points of empathy:


I care for my friends and help them when they need it

I try to understand and share my friend’s feelings

I think about how my friend will feel before I say something

The new focus from irespect is ‘S’ for sustainability. We spent time referring to the UN Sustainability Goals, brainstormed ways that we can be more sustainable in our everyday lives and learned about water conservation.

Using our newfound water conservation knowledge, groups put together mini-skits and commercials to help advertise ways to save water and save the planet! Ask your child to share some water saving tips with you and your family!


Our class Schedule: 4A Schedule

Lovely Ibu Daniela has created an organizer to share with families, in order to help us keep student deadlines in order. Thank you Daniela for sharing this with 4A! You will be receiving the file soon!


Our Literacy schedule is working out fabulously! We are getting into the material and students are showing great enthusiasm in all of our activities. ***Please help your child to remember their spelling books on Mondays, their home spelling activities throughout the week and to bring their journals and spelling books back to school every Friday!

Spelling this week: Short e Words















That’s all from us this week! Have an amazing Week 7!

With love and respect from The 4A Team

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