Happy Week 8 of Term 3 in 4A!

Happy Week 8!

We had an awesome week of ogoh-ogoh planning, practicing body part vocabulary in Bahasa Indonesia and preparing for the Student-led conferences. In Literacy, we read The Incredible Book Eating Boy by Oliver Jeffers, which inspired us to begin our first story of the story writing unit: “The Incredible ______ Eating _____”. Ask your child to tell you their story ideas! Challenge your child to come up with interesting details and descriptive words to add *sparkle* to their writing! In Numeracy, we started our latest math groups (ask your child which version of a pug they are) and have been honing our multiplication skills and learning new strategies all week! See if your child can teach you some new ways to multiply that they learned this week!

This Week’s Photos:

Observing nature and identifying functional uses for different types of plants and coming up with creative design plans for outdoor shelters for Green Studies.

Collaborative design-work for our class ogoh ohoh.

Taking part in the Full Moon Ceremony showing appreciation for Balinese customs and beliefs.

Practicing writing the names of the body parts in Bahasa Indonesia.

Getting ready for SLCs:

Cooling down after watching the (AMAZING) Grade 5 play.

Getting hyped about basketball on Sports Day!

This Week’s WAG:

4A’s Week at a Glance

Week of February 26th –March 2nd

Please ensure that your child brings their cap, water bottle and snack every day!

During the (last of the) rainy season, we advise sending a warm sweater, a raincoat and an umbrella each day. You may wish to send a spare set of clothes in a waterproof bag to store in your child’s cubby, as well.


BSSA Basketball after schoolPlease bring Library books


Green Studies

*Spelling Checkup- rescheduled. Please bring in your Look, Say, Cover, Write, Check!


Please bring running shoes for PE

Bahasa Indonesia



BSSA BasketballGreen Studies




Swimming Practice 2:10-3:00Please bring running shoes for Sport


Indonesian Culture



No ClassesStudent-led Conferences *Please let us know if you are unable to attend 🙂

Assemblies will be running on a bi-weekly basis for the remainder of the year. We WILL NOT have an assembly this Friday.

Ogoh Ogoh parade: We are working hard to construct the Ogoh Ogoh designed by our very own Ella! In preparation for next week’s parade we ask that all children have a white t-shirt ready to wear on that day (date to be announced***). As we will no longer be printing t-shirts for the whole class, students are invited to decorate their shirts with markers to signify this special event and this special Grade 4 year. If you can please ensure that the t-shirt you send for this day is one that you don’t mind being decorated, we would appreciate it. J It is sure to be a really fun event and we are excited to create our own souvenirs of the occasion!

Numeracy: Ensuring our children have fluency and accuracy with their basic facts in addition, subtraction and multiplication will help them succeed in the units to come. Please practice the multiplication facts from 0-12 with your child daily. You will find a variety of resources in the Numeracy> Multiplication folder on the Grade 4 Parents Google Drive or you can use the links that were posted to the previous blog. 🙂

Some great sites for Numeracy challenges and Logic Puzzles are:









Just a reminder, the Student-led Conference schedule has been sent out to all families. Please find the schedule below, for your convenience. 🙂 We are very excited to have our students be your guides as they facilitate all of the lessons and learning activities that YOU will get to experience! They are such wonderful teachers and are eager to show you everything that they have learned! *Please note that the focus of this day is your child. If you have any questions that cannot be attended to through email or wish to meet to discuss progress, kindly email us to schedule a meeting on a different day. 🙂

If your family is unable to attend your conference, kindly send us an email to let us know. J


Joni and Peni’s

Student Led Conference Schedule

8:30-9:20 am         1.  Bo (Audrey 2B 10:30)

  1.                 Lucy (Kayla 3B 9:30)

  2.  Caprice

  3.  Toby

9:30-10:20 am    1. Emily (Grace 2A 8:30)


  1. Louison

10:30-11:20 am   1.  Taj (Lucia 2B 9:30)

  1.  Eugene (Guido 1B 9:30)

  2.  Fern

  3.  Chihaya

11:30-12:20 am   1. Mateo (Pablo 2A 10:30)

  1.  Nacho (Goofy 3A 1:00)

  2.  Chloe (Abby 2A 1:00)

  3.  Sienna

12:20-1:00          LUNCH

1:00-1:50 pm      1. Isla (Frankie 2B 11:30)

  1. Islay (Yuzan 1B 11:30)

  2. Ashton

  3. Leo

  4. Ella ( Havanna 2A 8:30, Madeline 5B 11:30)

If your child has the last Class SLC of the day (1:00-1:50), you may want to visit some of the Specialists spaces before the Class SLC, as the Specialists Spaces will all close at 15:15.

Last week for ASAs!

ASA News: Marimba is now being offered as an ASA by Ibu Jan, to grades 4-6 after school. Limited to 8-10 kids.​ Please take a look at the poster attached and get in touch if your child would be interested in joining!

Sports Fans,

BSSA Swimming 2018 – Practices start this week on THURSDAYS

Swimmers and Parents,

Apologies for the miscommunication earlier.

Swim practice is on Thursdays and both the Bio-Bus and practice times are on a strict schedule, please encourage students to be timely. Swim practice will begin this week Jan 18th.

***Reminder to bring a swimsuit, towel, water, goggles, and a swim cap.***

BSSA Swimming -Thursdays – 2:30 – 3:30

***All students meet at the Green Warung Bale at 2:10***

Depart to Kolam SOKA TIRTA @ 2:15

Practice from 2:30 – 3:30

Return to GS @ 3:45

Arrive GS @4:00

Swim Meet – Monday, April 24th All Day

Team – Practice Day – Coaches

Grades 3 to HS – Thursdays – Edu, Putu Joni, Chris, Sweania

Thank you for your patience and we look forward to a great season.

Special thanks to our community coaches Pak Chris and Ibu Sweania, both accomplished competitive athletes.

Pak Jade and the PE team


Basketball: See the Schedule below and note the tournament and finals days. All primary and junior teams play games on Wednesdays and please note the dates of the senior tournament and junior finals. Swimmers, please make sure you can attend the swim meet.

Primary students, please sign up through your ASA co-ordinator.

Middle and High School students please attend the first practice on your given day.

***We are looking for more coaches*** If you are interested in coaching please contact Pak Jade jademcgraw@greenschool.org

BSSA Basketball Practice – 3:30-4:30

Junior Final March 14th

Senior Tournament March 13th

Team – Practice Day – Coaches

9/10 Boys – Tuesday – Desak

9/10 Girls – Monday – Harriett

11/12 Boys – Tuesday – Garrett and Ester

11/12 Girls – Monday – Suzanne

13/14/15 Boys – Thursday – Kiley and Angelo

13/14/15 Girls – Thursday – Jade

+15 Boys – Friday – Mau, Jade, and Leo

+15 Girls – Friday – Kiley and Suzanne

This Week’s Focus:Numeracy–       Continue the Multiplication of Larger Numbers unit (review and strategies of smaller numbers, estimating products of larger numbers andAt Home:·      Basic fact practice (adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing)*** HIGH PRIORITY

·      Write the date on a chalkboard each morning using metric notation: dd/mm/yy

·      Practice telling time on an analog clock.

·      Calculate the time using a 24-hour clock.LiteracySpelling and Vocabulary words.

Writer’s Workshop- Story Writing

Oliver Jeffers author study

Reading strategies- Summarizing using SUM: S-Shorter than the text, U- Use your own words, M- Main ideas only.

Cont. The Dreamer- Reading comprehension in classAt Home:·      Spelling and Vocabulary words on Monday’s document. Look Say Cover Write Check daily practice due Friday.

·      Read for a minimum of 20 minutes per night. Have a dictionary and thesaurus available to use.

·      Write word lists at home! Come up with as many adjectives as you can to describe people, places and things. Try to describe the same things using your Bahasa Indonesia vocabulary!

·      Write a diary each day or keep a creative writing journal. Add Poetry to daily writing repertoire.

·      Try to find more books by Oliver Jeffers. Write stories inspired by his style.ThematicsBuilding the Ogoh Ogoh.At Home:Practice writing te numbers in Balinese, playing Domikato. Write the date (in metric notation!) using Sansrit. Look up online resources by searching on the internet. JBahasa IndonesiaContinue discussing body parts and relate that to the physical appearance by describing friends in class cont.At Home:Students can teach and give examples of how to describe their family members’ physical appearance. Review body part vocabulary by playing Simon Says or playing quiz games at home.Indonesian CultureOgoh ogohAt Home:Practice ordering at your local warung! Introduce your parents/family to some local foods and describe the ingredients used to make them!


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