Have You Seen Bio Bus Video?

We had an amazing opportunity to be covered on the latest Our Better World video, by www.ourbetterworld.org, and the video has helped us to recruit 4 new donors. The Grease Police came and pick almost 360 liters of used cooking oil from them. If you haven’t seen the video, don’t forget to check them out here!

 We also would like to say thank you for your patience during our carpool audit 2 weeks ago. When we did our first carpool audit in 2014/2015, it led us to the launch of Bio Bus. We are now evaluating the current data and will update you soon.

Bio Bus is also integrating the program into Middle and Primary Years School. Other than that, as part of our Jalan-Jalan program, we continue to share the Bio Bus knowledge and how we do it to the SMPN 3, a local school, right here in Bali. We are very happy to share our knowledge with more students and also interact with the local community.

You can still buy our soap at the GS Farmers Market, and keep an eye out for our homemade, handmade candles. Our Bio Bike shirts will be available soon, so get ready for the ride!


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