Health, Safety & Security Update

Our systematic, risk-based processes inform how, when and why we make adjustments to our security and safety protocols and actions. Most recently, we have taken additional measures including enhancing our existing security systems, increased security patrols, visitor checks, and collaboration with local authorities.

Green School security processes and procedures are continuously reviewed, to develop a more sustainable and strategic approach to health, safety and security. A brief security history to why, how, and what has happened since 2015 Strategic Review is found HERE.

In line with our policy, and based on most recent events we have taken appropriate measures. Firstly, if you have come to School this week, you may have noticed an increased security presence around the campus; increasing number of personal and local police (pecalang) on and around campus. Secondly, something that cannot be seen, but is most definitely active is the ongoing communication with regional police authorities, and other international schools in Bali to have expert and up-to-date information. Thirdly, tightening control on all entrances and exit to the School’s premises.  We have in place, frequent testing of the system involving the community and professional expertise.

Tour Programme

The public tours are often an area of concern for parents. In 2016, we adjusted the time and route of our daily campus tour to minimize contact with students, staff, and parents. Also, we established clear security related guidelines to enhance the quality of the program. The tours stay well away from learning spaces. Tours are capped atf 30 tour guests per tour and security staff accompany the tour. Additional protocols are now being implemented including bag check/locker storage for guests.

Lost Items

If you have any items that have gone missing, lost, and found immediately report to our security members at Post-1 at the visitor entrance. This gives us the opportunity record, investigate and follow up. Otherwise, you are always more than welcome to send an email to Learning Environment Coordinator


Learning Environment Team 

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