Health & Safety: Wilderness First Responder Training Course:

Last Sunday at the Green School campus, 19 faculty, staff, student and Green Camp members successfully completed a 6-day intensive Wilderness First Responder (WFR) training course conducted by Australia-based Wilderness First Aid Consultants. This is not your everyday basic first aid training course, as many people were thinking. It is a full-on professional level remote location first responder training designed to prepare participants to manage emergency medical situations in areas that do not have immediate access to a definitive care facility. The WFR course is the defacto international standard for professionals and prepares participants with practical skills for emergency management through a combination of in-class, case study, and accident scenario learning experiences.

We are very proud to report that all of the participants passed the course and received a WFR Certification valid for 3-years. This includes 1-year CPR and AED certification. As part of the certification our Green School First Responder Team was trained in Accident Management Planning, head and spinal injuries, search and rescue, a broad range of medical emergency situations, snake bites and stings, and much more. The WFR training is recognised and recertifiable worldwide.

Green School international and local faculty and staff worked side-by-side throughout the 6 full days of this course. The course was also specially designed to accommodate the language needs of the Indonesian participant group. WFR Consultants provided 3 trained Indonesian facilitators that supported the Indonesian staff with translation and coaching throughout the entire training. We are very proud that several of our Green School maintenance and security team members passed the written exam – in English!

This was an excellent capability and team-building opportunity for the Green School staff. Some of the comments from the participants included the following:

“Hebat! (Excellent!). Now we have more confidence in our ability to help injured community members.” ~ Kadek Antara, Facility Manager.

“It was a great team building experience working alongside the operations team and excellent hands-on experience dealing with some pretty difficult scenarios.” ~ Josh Wise

“I really enjoyed the course and just walking around campus this week and dealing with some minor injuries I actually feel much more equipped and calm should there be an event that needed responding to. My favourite thing about the course was working closely with our fabulous Indonesian staff and developing some different relationships I might not have normally had the opportunity to develop. I don’t think we realise as a community how lucky we are to have such a clever and dedicated group of local Indonesian people working with us on a daily basis. They have inspired me to practice my bahasa Indonesia more in order to maintain important relationships around campus to gain a deeper understanding of what makes Green School such a kind and caring environment.” ~ Amanda Crosby

“Luar Biasa! (Extraordinary!). We learn how to help each other in the training.” ~ Putu Agus Suangga, Security Officer

We would like to express our congratulations and appreciation to the entire Green School First Responder Team for their participation and dedication to completing this rigorous training course. The members of our newly certified First Responder Team are:

Ibu Amanda Crosby (Primary Teacher)

Pak Billy Barge (GS High School Student)

Pak Ferly Tahir (Green Camp)

Pak Francis Mollet (Middle School / High School Teacher)

Ibu Hermin (Risa) Risalina (HR Manager)

Ibu l Made Wartini (Housekeeping)

Pak Josh Wise (School Counsellor)

Pak Jukka Ahopelto (Primary Teacher)

Pak Kadek Antara (Facility Management)

Ibu Nicki Lorenzini (Primary)

Pak Nyoman Suaji (Security)

Pak Nyoman Sumatra (Maintenance)

Pak Putu Agus Suangga (Security)

Pak Reis (Nurse)

Ibu Russlee Paneppinto (Early Years Teacher)

Pak Shawn Thomas (High School Teacher)

Pak Victor Mogogibung (Green Camp)

Pak Wayan Gomes (Security)

Good job team! We would also like to express our deepest appreciation to Ibu Fiona McColley, the Lead Trainer from Wilderness First Aid Consultants, for her leadership and excellence in delivering this outstanding training to our Green School team with the support of her three outstanding Indonesian facilitators.

This training was an integral component of Green School’s broader strategic approach to sustainable Health and Safety management. We are addressing the challenges presented by our unique learning environment and continuously developing the capability and capacity necessary to protect the health, safety and well-being of the Green School community.

“The course was a very intense experience. It was mentally and emotionally challenging. Over the six days, I learned such a massive amount of new information as well as practical skills which we used each day. The lectures were extremely informative and the scenarios were a chance for us to practice the topics from class. It was great to spend time with co-workers that I usually never see on a daily basis and the whole group became close, including a range of people from security guards, housekeeping, administration and faculty. It was inspiring to see my Indonesian co-workers working so hard to translate all of the information and to keep such a positive attitude. The most funny moment was the day we were performing skits to show the dangerous animals in Bali and Pak Gomez did the best impersonation of a monkey I have ever seen. Everyone was laughing so much.” ~ Russlee Panepinto

Dennis Walker

Head of Operations

Green School

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