Heartfelt Thanks to Teachers and Parents Supporting ASAs Program

Our ASAs program would not be as rich as now without support and effort from our lovely teachers and parents. Our highest gratitude to all of them since they have been sharing their expertise with our students in this school year.

Parents participations in ASAs this year is shifted to a higher level. We have many amazing parents and at the same time amazing volunteers who are spending their thought, energy and time becoming coaches or instructors in ASA classes. Thank you for everything! We just hope you continue to be so hardworking and helpful to support the journey of our students together. Great job everybody!

A million thanks to:

ASA SOCCER COACHES: Alex Fernandez-Cruz Soldevila

Nikolas Stegelmann Kirsten Logan Christopher Logan Erik McAllister Dirkie Du Preez Jeroen Quaegebeur Susie Elliot



Stay tune for the next ASAs schedule in TERM 3 where options and details schedule will be announced in the first week of school term and commence in the 2nd or 3rd week of term. These will be announced in the newsletter and available through the parent page on the blog. So watch this space!

As a community of learners, we are very happy to see engaged parents willing to offer activities to our community. We can facilitate this process, however to avoid double booking, miscommunication and other inconvenience situation, we would ask whoever wants to organize an activity to contact Ibu Darwi at sri.darwiati@greenschool.org first and we will guide you through the school procedure.

Happy holiday everyone!

Matur suksema

Ibu Darwi

School Secretary & ASA Coordinator

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