Hey Hey hey… Back in the Middle of School

After a hiatus teaching predominantly High School, I am back in the Middle School at least till the end of the year. That to me is a very exciting idea, and I got a few zingers to kick off the return to MS:

Grade 6 Thematic – Dams and Hydroelecticity

This week we introduced the thematic, and go kids thinking about dams (as well as being very pun oriented). We went over basic functions of dams, as well as applied their geographic knowledge to what dams are. We will end the week with building a vocabulary about dams. Next week we will be building scale models with detailed budgets of materials. The following week we will build full on dams. Woo hooo! Dirty is a word that will describe your kids…. so beware and bring a change of clothes.

Arts Elective – Urban Design

I have been kind of amateurly obsessed with the idea of how to build great communities since I was a kid. This is my first foray into teaching about it, and I am both amazed at the capacity of our students as well as delighed by the enthusiasm. I feel we should all be urban planners, at least to the level that we understand what makes a good place to live. It can inform us of what we will seek out, and how we may change our environment in the future. The course has lots of links, and I am using the Green School Hive as a platform to deliver all the lesson materials. Parents can log in as guests, and kids are strongly encouraged to enrol in the course to keep track of their responsibilities.


Jalan Jalan – Wake Boarding

So I am sure you know if your kid is in this class, as you provided a bit of cash to make this happen. From my first experience, it is worth it! The kids had grins that spanned their faces, and they could not get enough of the zipping around the park. It is a safe spot from my perspective… the risks are well mitigated and the staff are attentive to the operation of the park.


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