High School Happenings This Week

Grade 11 students worked with Ibu Cindy’s Grade 5 class this week, asking them what their thoughts on ‘love’ were. Whilst this can be awkward for both 10-year-olds as well as 16-17-year-olds everyone talked, laughed and shared their ideas.

Bonne rentrée! La classe de français enjoying some typical French chocolate cookies to loosen the tongue and get us back in the mood. Délicieux!

Hs ELL – messy learning – our favourite type. Here we are searching for facts, making deductions, piecing the clues together to make inferences and arrive at clever answers.

In Block Two we had a current events class. Besides researching, presenting, and connecting current events, students played a game called Fantasy Geopolitics. (https://www.fanschool.org) Students “drafted” countries, and earned points based on how often their countries were mentioned in the news. Students needed to pay close attention to what is happening in the world, so they could drop underperforming countries, and add counties where new is happening “now.” We did two rounds. The winner of each round won an “I kicked Djibouti In Fantasy Geopolitics” t-shirt. The losers received an “I Got My Djibouti Kicked In Fantasy Geopolitics” shirt. Harry is modeling the losing shirt. He also won a round, so is the proud owner of both shirts.

In World History the tenth graders are tracing their family history through genealogy. They are attempting to go back five generations. As they make this journey of family discovery they are making connections. At the moment they are researching cultural and historical events that may have had an impact of the lives of their parents.

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