High School: How Much we Have Lived and Learned since August

What hasn’t happened in our high school over the past semester?! It’s hard to believe how much we have lived and learned since August.

Dr. Philip Zimbardo taught us that we are all heroes in training during his week on campus offering workshops, interacting with students, and explaining The  Stanford Prison Experiment that brought global attention to his work in psychology. Dr. Zimbardo trained teachers and inspired students to take action in challenging situations, rather than being bystanders, and become everyday heroes as he introduced us to his Heroic Imagination Project.

GS Green Generation learned all about climate change, polished their performance of the original musical Noble Material, raised US$15,000, and kept a whirlwind pace of advocacy for a greener future at the UN Climate Change talks in Paris.  

We began closing the resource loop working toward sustainable art materials, mapped HOT spots with our Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team, brought delegates to local and national Model United Nations conferences, laughed and cheered for our performers in Blood Money, cleaned trash off the Sanur reef with the Dive Club, hosted our first-ever university fair… and more!

Challenge block brought clients, including the kepala desa of Sibang Kaja and others,  together with small groups of students and coaches who flew in from around the world to solve problems with GreenLEAP. This design-thinking program got students out of the classroom, beyond their comfort zones, and into the real world with challenges from waste management to forest conservation education to designing an app for the Bio Bus.

We want to congratulate grade 12 students who have already been accepted to tertiary study, including the hospitality programs at Cesar Ritz Colleges Switzerland and School of Hotel Management IHTTI, Cinema Art & Science program at Columbia College Chicago, and the Bachelor of Arts & Sciences program at Quest University Canada. Well done!

Coming up in 2016, we invite high school students to dig their paws into local Balinese culture with a semester-long rice cultivation experience provided by the Kul Kul Connection. We are also developing Green U in cooperation with Central Queensland University in Australia to provide opportunities to earn university credit at Green School. We look forward to offering two online-supported University level courses next semester.

–Ibu Melinda, High School Guidance Counselor and Ibu Leslie, Head of High School

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